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Welcome to College of Yoga

College of Yoga
Yoga is a new medicine which the modern medical science is gradually recognizing & recommending for the treatments.
  • Yoga is joy for the depressed
  • Yoga is happiness for sad
  • Yoga is health for diseased
  • Yoga is wealth for the poor

About Maharshi Dr. Yogiraj

Maharshi Dr. Yogiraj is the founder and chief faculty of Maharshi Ashram, College Of Yoga, Maharshi Yoga Institute & Maharshiji Clinic & Hundred Years Life Club. Maharshiji has Learnt Yoga directly from his first Guru Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj, Founder of Divine Life society, Rashikesh, U.K, Himalayas, India in the Year 1961. Dr. Yogiraj has learn many meditation techniques from different Swamis and Gurus while wandering in the foot hills of Himalayas. He has been teaching Yoga, Pranayamas, Meditations & many Esoteric techniques for the past 30 years. He is a qualified doctor & he has been treating people, of practically all diseases including chronic diseases and very difficult to cure diseases. .