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Therapeutic Yoga in Secunderabad

In the modern times, Yoga has gained considerable importance because of its Therapeutic properties. Yoga consists of Asanas , Pranayams ( breathing exercises ) , Meditations , Shat kriyas, Mudras etc. All these processes and postures, when done properly have great and effective healing benefits .

The yogic postures consist of bending (forward and backward), twisting, turning and squeezing the body in a particular manner so as to exert pulls and pressures on a particular organ of the body so as to tone it up.

The pranayams consist of inhaling, retaining and exhaling deep breath in a particular manner and for specific durations which produce toning actions on the body organs.

All these techniques are taught at College of Yoga located at Maharshi Ashram, and the therapeutic benefits are given to the Sadhaks ( the performers). 

Maharshi Dr. Yogiraj is a world renowned competent person to give a scientific basis to the various yogic processes and techniques. He has successfully cured many difficult cases, all types of health problems & also handled and cured cases which were rejected by the big corporate hospitals.